Sustainability Start up

Nudge redefines the match-making industry specifically for transfer and spring admit students, but with a unique twist, but first

Project Information

Adobe Creative Jam

A Creative Jam is one of the most immersive ways for people to learn Adobe tools and advance their digital literacy and the Jam is a unique and memorable event that combines inspiration, collaboration, and creation

The Theme

Nudge was our theme and we could think and design nudge the way we define it. There were no rules, but...

The Challenge

Unfortunately, my design partner, Will and I, only had 3 hours to complete everything so we quickly thought of the following

1. Brainstorming
2. Ideation & Interviews
3. Rapid Story-telling
4. Rapid Sketching
5. Rapid Prototyping
6. Pitch Deck Design


The definition of Nudge is to draw someone’s attention and what was the best idea to execute a deliverable that impacts users? Was it to create a product for

1. Pets
2. Students
3. Children
4. Adults
5. Senior Citizens

A Shocking Revelation

We quickly discovered that there are studies about transfer and spring students experiencing a hard time adjusting to their new schools. It can be incredibly difficult as the new environment is moving at such a fast-pace, overwhelming them and their chances to make new friends

General Target Audience

We created a general target audience based on the interviews’ qualitative and quantitative data. Take a quick look

Why is this Important

based on their stories, we aim to create a temporary solution for transfer and spring students to make friends and access resources in a new environment without feeling overwhelmed

How can we do this

With gathered information, how can we solve this problem and ensure transfer and spring admit students are making new friends in an overwhelming environment?

Rapid Sketching to Functionality

With 1 hour and 30 minutes left, we quickly utilized our time to sketch out both the MVP's flow chart and wireframes to get a better idea of how the product functions

Proud to Present

After just 1 hour, Will and I are proud to present, Nudge: a match-making application for students to connect through common interests


Our abstract pictorial mark has a dual meaning: it forms an N for Nudge and depicts students connecting through shared interests

What only 3 Hours can do

I was filled with a room full of great-minded people and it was amazing to see designers like us accomplish something in just 3 hours. It was an experience I would definitely take on again

People’s Choice Award

To the audiences and judges, thank you for believing in us as we give a potential future for both transfer and spring admit students a much smoother process in their new journeys

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