My story goes beyond design, with an unexpected journey, motivations, and a special yet interesting hobby

A Quick Recap

My name is Ryan and my Korean name is Dawoon; a name that is deeply rooted in my identity as a person and designer

As a designer, I specifically enjoy the process of development with different teams. Despite complex industries such as VR & AR and sustainability, my goal is to uphold the creativity and approach to see how we as innovators can make ideal solutions. However, my life was never like this

An Unexpected Transition

From art, I transitioned into design, a similar yet new field that allowed me to apply my visual principles and understanding of different mediums to create experiences for audiences in a more modern way

My Journey and Motivations

A simple dot on a small piece of paper jumpstarted my design career. By studying how dots can be used to create patterns and spaces, I learned to visually communicate through digital design. I thought I was designing for myself, but I was actually designing for other people. Through the natural discovery of product design, I found a way to directly solve problems to help people visually and functionally. All it took was a simple dot on a piece of paper

An Interesting Hobby

Aside from profession, I love to experiment and get creative with cocktails through their base, spirit, and garnish. It's a hobby I enjoy and I love to get to know people's personalities so I can create them their own personalized drink cocktail or mocktail. During my free time, I am designing my own unique cocktail recipe book and cocktail card game. Stay tuned

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