Sustainability Start up

Heal is an e-commerce app that unites sustainable shopping brands for millennials to make a difference against the detrimental effects of fast-fashion

Project Information

The World is Literally Dying

Carbon emissions continuously increase each year, micro-plastics and micro-fabrics contaminate the oceans, and toxic chemicals pollute international river streams. Surprisingly, one of the biggest culprit is the fashion industry

It's because of Fast Fashion

It comes with a heavy cost when it comes to the fast fashion industry due to its detrimental effects on both the people and the environment where people may not see a brighter future

But Shopping is Fun, Right?

Shopping is incredibly fun as consumers enjoy that rush when looking at items that best suit their needs. However, in today's world, shopping comes with a hefty cost

It Gets Worse

Because of these detrimental effects, international women and children are facing terrible working conditions and abuse due to poor labor laws. This causes unsafe environments where their lives could be taken just to satisfy brand needs

A Not-so Fun Fact

Let's look at a pair of fast fashion jeans. These are how much resources are wasted on a pair of jeans. You'd be shocked to find out how much water is used

Okay So What

These aren't statistics we're just announcing. Our claim is that we need to act fast to ensure a healthier future for ourselves and for the world. If fast fashion continues to grow, then it may permanently affect us with a not-so promising future

Our Solution

We want to introduce sustainable fashion brands to consumers where they can make a difference while looking amazing

Introducing Heal

With Heal, consumers are able to shop and browse exclusive sustainable brands where every purchase can make a huge difference

Our Target Market

We want to start with millennials and Gen-Zs who are both aware and unaware about the impacts of sustainable fashion brands

Also Who Are We

Our Team is from Lava Lab; a premier start-up incubator with the top 5% of students to become creative innovators as designers, developers, and product managers. As visionary students, our goal is to build tomorrow’s start-ups, today.

Our Identity

The pictorial mark of the circle represents the planet. The symbol of the crown is to show that consumers are winners by taking initiative to shop at sustainable fashion brands for a better tomorrow

Heal Points
Value Proposition 1

With each purchase or additional steps such as making a free account, users can rack up heal points to see how much of an impact they've made

Foot Prints & Impact
Value Proposition 2

Each item will show the foot print and impact users will make if they purchase the item

Reward System
Value Proposition 3

With a certain amount of heal points, user can receive a free item, store credit, or choose to donate to organizations that'll decrease unethical working conditions and implement ethical working conditions

Shop by Impact
Value Proposition 4

Since users are browsing like any E-commerce website, we created specific categories for users to shop such as brands that decrease water consumption or reduce emissions

Here is what we're NOT telling you

Our message isn't for consumers to stop shopping at fast-fashion brands. We understand that sometimes they're quick, affordable, and gets the job done

But here is what we are telling you

Instead, we want consumers to understand that relying on fast fashion brands all the time may not be the best idea since this industry causes so many detrimental factors to the environment. We're highly encouraging shoppers to make the change by understanding the eco-friendly impacts of sustainable fashion brands

Brands Onboarding Heal

Our mission is to unite sustainable fashion brands so we invite any sustainable brands to join our site where we negotiate and agree what products they want to sell on our end

Domestic Approach

We decided to start in Los Angeles with sustainable shopping brands in the Los Angeles County. In the future, we hope to expand in the United States and one day, Internationally

Our Revenue

Since any sustainable brand can be a part of Heal, we're starting off by charging $10 a month to be on our platform while every purchase, we keep 10%.

Demo Night

Over 100 members attended to support our pitch along with six amazing teams. A huge thank you to the judges and investors that night providing amazing feedback and recommendations to keep pushing our idea

To a New Beginning

I couldn't have accomplished this without my team and the amazing Lava Lab innovators. For months leading up to one night, we accomplished a huge feat where we pushed ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves to gain an awarding experience

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